Nike StyleBot

To celebrate Air Max Day 2017, Nike released an interactive chatbot (better known as StyleBot) and I was lucky enough to be its copywriter and creator.

I figured out how StyleBot spoke and developed a distinctive voice for the athletic apparel behemoth’s pro-fresh-ional campaign. Knowing the bot would only be accessible over Facebook Messenger, it needed to be fun and conversational, and importantly, concise enough to work within the platform’s predominantly-mobile parameters.

The one-to-one sneaker style service was a bold initiative that aided the brand’s key mission: to inspire sneaker culture for women across the globe. The StyleBot experience received more than 280K users, with a 34% higher engagement than the average chatbot.

To work with a world class brand on such an innovative and successful product was an honor.


Vice Weekends

Vice is a respected and trusted, one-of-a-kind news entity.

Over the three hottest months of the year, I took on the role of editor for Vice Weekends—a go-to destination for summer weekend content, presented by Weis. In total, 53 pieces of custom native editorial went up and I was lucky enough to write just over half.

The culture and travel-centric articles, interviews and photo essays garnered in excess of 2.4 million impressions and led to some 6319 hours of time spent on site. The series broke new ground with native performance, delivered a ton of social engagement, leveraged influencer networks, and connected Vice Weekend’s sponsor with a hard to reach millennial audience. It was an enormous success.

I’m extremely proud to have worked alongside their exceptionally talented and very supportive team to produce creative and experimental content that out performed every KPI set. I’m also pretty chuffed to have written the #1 performing article of the series, Those Guys with Metal Detectors At the Beach Actually Find a Lot of Gold, which more than doubled the site’s average minutes spent on a page.

Vice Weekends



Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo shaped American Apparel, now they’ve joined forces as Everybody. The just-introduced brand is reinventing what a fashion company can be, approaching design and manufacturing as a new frontier—conscious of Workers, Ecology and Ideas.

As they create seasonless basics and outrageous and comfortable clothing and goods that you never knew you always needed, I work with the creative team as copywriter. Everything from product descriptions and taglines that speak truth to the label’s wild (and wildly ethical, ecologically sensitive) spirit, to a slogan for a t-shirt that would later be printed on bright yellow Trash Tees, worn at the women’s march and written about in Vogue.

Honestly, it’s a dream come true to write and ideate alongside such a magical bunch of freak-flag-waving doers and fashion-as-humanist-utopia thinkers.





Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon

Back in 1996 Tamara Mellon started Jimmy Choo. 20 years later, she’s left the fashion house to sell luxury shoes direct-to-consumer under her own name. She’s just re-launched the website for her formidable namesake label and is serving up new rules, new luxury, new shoes, and embarking on a career-defining new chapter.

As copywriter, I assisted the creative team in writing product descriptions and taglines to characterize the spirit of the brand and its see-now-buy-now business model.



The Hollywood Roosevelt

The Hollywood Roosevelt has been a Los Angeles icon since 1927. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to collaborate with the hotel’s parent company, Journal Group, to define a new era for their landmark hotel, as well as the rooms, bars, restaurants, and bowling alley within.

As copywriter, I executed creative to drive business and increase user engagement. The copy set the tone for a hip and upscale stay, shaping its digital presence to match its modern Hollywood experience.

To evolve the brand’s voice for individual hospitality outposts within the hotel’s highly-curated ecosystem, CTAs were utilized site-wide to provoke possibility and champion a special kind of glamour that’s steeped in history.


Scoundrel Magazine

Scoundrel magazine

Scoundrel is an annual print publication celebrating the artistic and cultural interests of its publisher, Funkhaus. Its mission statement is to spotlight individuals who approach their craft with originality.

In addition to contributing words and 35mm photographs for its inside front cover and Tulum travel guide, I also had the great privilege of being the magazine’s editorial director, taking it from naught but an idea to a tangible product over the course of a few jam-packed months.

The inaugural issue featured interviews with the likes of activist and model Ollie Henderson, Perfect Pussy singer Meredith Graves, and Sang Bleu’s Maxime Buchi, alongside photographic work from David Black, Devyn Galindo, and Scottie Cameron.








Just One Eye


Fashion boutique Just One Eye wanted a billboard on the Sunset Strip and delivery van treatments targeted to their Hollywood clientele. As copywriter, I developed messaging to promote the company’s new same-day shipping service. While the billboard never made it to the big banner in the sky, it was tremendously fun to write lines for Paola Russo’s multi-concept store.

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Superprime is a Los Angeles production company specializing in commercials, branded content, and innovative film. They represent some of the best storytellers of our time, including Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Terrence Malick.

As content strategist, I implemented a work-forward blog to share what they’re about, as well as what they’re producing. From headlines and excerpts to longform interviews, I’ve written every word on the site throughout the company’s inaugural year, and selected key imagery to go along with it; establishing a brand voice to shape its digital presence and grow an audience from scratch, both on site and on socials. It’s been a great deal of fun leading content creation for a new company, not to mention curating and editing weekly posts around award-winning movies and acclaimed campaigns from their talented directorial roster.



Broadsheet Melbourne

Having lived in Australia for 29 years, I found myself in the inimitable position of being able to comment on avocado toast, Vegemite milkshakes, and other Australian’s crushing in the City of Angels, while living in LA. For Broadsheet, an online magazine featuring bars, restaurants, shops, and galleries, I was commissioned to write on the opening of super-slick cafe Paramount Coffee Project and chef Louis Tikaram’s impressive West Hollywood restaurant and rooftop bar, E.P & L.P.





Sleek Magazine is a Berlin-based independent quarterly that offers a thematically-curated look at contemporary art and fashion. For their online platform, I covered Paris Photo Los Angeles, exploring disconnects between fantasy and reality through a snapshot of historical and contemporary photography.


Filmme Fatales


Filmme Fatales is a feminist film zine I contribute to, alongside the likes of John Waters and Tavi Gevinson. For Issue #1 I penned a series of haikus dedicated to Tiny Furniture and Girls creator Lena Dunham, for Issue #3 I made graphs about Reality Bites, and for Issue #6 I swapped words for piccies to be its featured photographer. Esteemed studio, magCulture described my work as, “crisp and cinematic.”







Tourism Victoria


Tourism Victoria seek to position Melbourne as a creative, romantic, and continuously changing city with surprises to be discovered in every basement, rooftop, and laneway. In 2012, I developed and executed strategic messaging in print and online for their fully integrated national marketing campaign, Play Melbourne.

The campaign centred on the idea that if you’re curious enough to take a chance, you’re bound to discover one of the city’s many hidden gems. I wrote a dedicated column inside Good Weekend, a publication covering Australian news, interviews, and in-depth features, that each week unravelled more of Melbourne’s dense cultural tapestry.